Elle est...


"She is not defined by her wardrobe, her wardrobe is an extension of self"


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Established in 2017,  Elle est...  meaning "She is..."  began as a passion project for designer, Tamika Wilkins. Motivated by the belief that "if you can't find it, create it yourself," Tamika set out to create pieces that would truly express the nuances of her personal style. Hence, the brand was born.

Elle est... is a contemporary, ready-to-wear brand that caters to the varied silhouettes of women across the world. Inspired largely by the juxtaposition of structure and fluidity, she seeks to make wardrobe staples that are elegant yet versatile. Her work bridges the gap between art and function; an effortless harmony that is both seen and felt in all of her designs.

The Elle est... woman is intelligent and cultured. She is driven and creative. But, most importantly, she understands that her wardrobe is merely an extension of who she is, not what defines her.

Elle est... is designed, sourced & made to order in NYC.